Marfa History collects and curates images related to the history of Marfa, Texas. Its aim is to show the town's evolution into an art destination and the unique intersections of identity within the town and its surrounding region. Recently called a "Western-themed outpost of Brooklyn" by NPR, Marfa's hype and art scene have permeated the local economy, creating a dramatic juxtaposition to the town's historic influences of cowboys, cattle ranching, and Mexican culture.

This site was created for a graduate history course (HIST 8885: Theory and Practice of Digital History) and is a continual work in progress. Contributions of images and stories related to the scope of the site are welcome as are comments and corrections.

Recently Added Items

Marfa Landscape

Marfa View.jpg

This image depicts the open landscape of Marfa, the large amounts of undeveloped land that surround it, and the Davis mountains in the distance.

Judd Foundation Office

Judd Building.jpg

The Judd Foundation has locations in both Marfa and New York City, and it maintains all of Judd’s permanently installed living and working spaces,…

Ballroom Marfa

Ballroom Marfa.jpg

Ballroom Marfa is a non-profit arts center and gallery housed in an old dance hall. It supports various artistic expressions and is very much engaged…