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Marfa View.jpg
This image depicts the open landscape of Marfa, the large amounts of undeveloped land that surround it, and the Davis mountains in the distance.

Judd Building.jpg
The Judd Foundation has locations in both Marfa and New York City, and it maintains all of Judd’s permanently installed living and working spaces, libraries, and archives. It also provides programming and access to these resources.

Ballroom Marfa.jpg
Ballroom Marfa is a non-profit arts center and gallery housed in an old dance hall. It supports various artistic expressions and is very much engaged in the local art community.

Marfa Travel Information Center.jpg
The Marfa Travel Information Center is the viewing platform for the Marfa Lights, the mysterious and unexplained phenomenon that has been reported in the area for over 100 years.

Davis Mountains.jpg
In this image, the Davis Mountains are visible from the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, Texas, which is about 35 miles outside of Marfa.

Marfa Street Scenery.jpg
This photograph shows the view upon entering Marfa from U.S. Route 90. Mountains can be seen in the distance, and the dusty flat landscape is apparent.

Marfa Lights Historical Marker.jpg
The Marfa Lights phenomenon also draws visitors to the area and add to its over mystery and intrigue.

The plaque reads: The Marfa Lights, mysterious and unexplained lights that have been reported in the area for over one hundred years, have been…

Stardust Motel.jpg
This photograph shows the old Stardust Motel sign with the desert landscape as a backdrop.

Presidio County Courthouse.jpg
This photograph depicts the Presidio County courthouse on Marfa's main street.

Brite Building.jpg
Built in 1831, this building (sometimes called the Marfa National Bank building) now houses restaurants, art galleries, and high-end apartment rentals through El Cosmico.
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