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West Texas Utilities Company, Food Shark Lounge.jpg
Another repurposed historic building, the West Texas Utilities Company was the Future Shark Cafeteria and Day Lounge, a popular tourist destination in Marfa, until it recently closed. There is also a Food Shark food truck, which is also very popular.

Marfa Contemporary.jpg
Housed in an old gas station, Marfa Contemporary is a contemporary artists' association that offers exhibits and art classes free of charge.

El Cosmico.jpg
This image shows some of the trailers available to rent at the bohemian El Cosmico campground in Marfa. El Cosmico also offers teepee and tent camping.

Palace Theatre.jpg
This image shows Marfa's art deco Palace Theatre. Once a movie theatre, this building is now David Kimble Illustration. This image illustrates another artist's use of a historic building as a working studio and business.

This Is Not Art Trash Can.jpg
This image shows a trash can with the words "This Is Not Art" and "Don't Mess with Texas" on it. Because of its location in Marfa, a town filled with art and installations, it seems to be in response to the influx of art and perhaps the creator's own…

Untitled Installations.jpg
There are 100 of these untitled aluminum installations by Donald Judd housed at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa. They are sometimes called Judd's "boxes" or "cubes."

Chinati Foundation.jpg
Founded by Donald Judd, the Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum located on the 340-acre site of the former Camp Marfa. The museum displays large scale installations by Judd and other artists.

Burro named Gansole.png
Photograph of "Gansole", a faithful burro on the Brite Ranch in 1928. This animal served as transportation and night horse.

Brite Ranch Headquarters.png
This panoramic photograph from the 1920s of the Brite Ranch headquarters. This was a 125,000 acre ranch in Presidio County in West Texas. The photo shows (L-R): the main house, the barn, the shed, the fort, and the store.

Brite Home during Winter.png
This photograph shows the Brite home in Marfa, Texas on a snowy day. The house is a two-story stucco home with a tile roof. Trees surround it as well as an iron fence. The home was built in 1917 by an early ranching family.
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