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Early Railroad Station in Marfa, TX.png
This photograph shows an early railroad station in Marfa, Texas. The town was founded as a water stop along the railroad line in West Texas in the late 19th century. This station was one of the first railway stations in the Big Bend area. It is a…

Mexican refugees going to Marfa.jpg
This photo depicts refugees of the Mexican Revolution traveling to Marfa, Texas, presumably after the after the Battle of Ojinga in the Big Bend area in 1914.

Mathilde Martinez & Children.jpg
This photograph depicts Mathilde Martinez and children presumably in Marfa, Texas and standing near tents for Mexican refugees during the Mexican Revolution.

Marfa High School.png
This photograph depicts the newly constructed Marfa High School in 1911.

Gasoline Pumps on Cattle Ranch.jpg
Oil discovery and gasoline production was a lucrative business in West Texas, along with cattle ranches.

Old Borunda Cafe.png
This photograph depicts the Old Borunda Cafe, an early and well known Mexican restaurant in Marfa, Texas, in 1913. The proximity of Marfa to the Mexican border and the movement of refugees into Texas during the Mexican revolution contributed to the…

Marfa Texas 1918.png
In the foreground of this photograph, four people in cowboy hats sit in the shade of a tree. Behind them is what appears to be an unpaved main street of Marfa, circa 1918, with storefronts, telephone poles, and cars of the time period. Centered in…

cattle grazing in west texas.png
This image depicts the cattle grazing in the Big Bend area of West Texas. The rocky terrain and desert landscape are apparent and depict the environment for this region.

Capote Falls.jpg
This postcard shows the Capote Falls, a small waterfall cascading between two large cliffs, near Marfa. A small waterfall is cascading between two large cliffs. The postcard further illustrates the area's unique and striking landscape.

Burial Ground Near Presidio Texas.jpg
This photograph illustrates the landscape of this region, showing its dusty and rocky terrain. This image depicts an Indian burial ground near Presidio, Texas.
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