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 Avant Grocer Co. and Marfa Millinery Co.png
This photograph shows unidentified individuals standing outside of early businesses in Marfa: the Avant Grocer Co. and Marfa Millinery Co.


Ballroom Marfa.jpg
Ballroom Marfa is a non-profit arts center and gallery housed in an old dance hall. It supports various artistic expressions and is very much engaged in the local art community.

Big Bend Desert Landscape.png
This photograph displays wildflowers and grasses in a canyon near Presidio County, Texas. There is a large bush of pink wildflowers in the foreground with green grasses and bushes behind. A rocky mountain range features prominently in the background…

This photograph shows bootleggers, most likely during Prohibition. These men have a barrel and some bottles of alcohol on the ground next to them. Sotol, a drink similar to tequila, was regularly smuggled across the border near the Big Bend area of…

Border Patrolmen and Smugglers.png
Photograph of U.S. Border Patrol Agents coming upon some smugglers during prohibition.

Brite Building.jpg
Built in 1831, this building (sometimes called the Marfa National Bank building) now houses restaurants, art galleries, and high-end apartment rentals through El Cosmico.

Brite Ranch Headquarters.png
This panoramic photograph from the 1920s of the Brite Ranch headquarters. This was a 125,000 acre ranch in Presidio County in West Texas. The photo shows (L-R): the main house, the barn, the shed, the fort, and the store.

Burial Ground Near Presidio Texas.jpg
This photograph illustrates the landscape of this region, showing its dusty and rocky terrain. This image depicts an Indian burial ground near Presidio, Texas.

Burro named Gansole.png
Photograph of "Gansole", a faithful burro on the Brite Ranch in 1928. This animal served as transportation and night horse.

Camp Marfa.png
Photograph of a series of one-story white buildings making up part of Camp Marfa, viewed from across a large, open, grassy field. The image accompanied a written speech, with the caption: "Camp Marfa, later Ft. D. A. Russell, housed cavalry troops…
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